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2 Responses to “Support”

  1. Jon Wye said

    I use your iphone tally program to keep track of my t-shirt inventory as i am selling at various events where i do not have access to my full database.

    It is a great program but it is really really timeconsuming to have to navigate through the folders, select the item you want to tally and the click the tally button.

    It would be amazing if you could simply have a list of your items to be tallied (like it currently is) but at the end of each entry is a one click button that will allow you to do the numeric tallying up or down. A quick link.

    And it would also be great if each entry could have a drop down subfolder of numerous things to tally.

    Ie, for my purposes i need to be able to tally, on the fly, who many of each size shirt i have.

    Hope this makes sense. I think at the very least a quick link button would be a wonderful addition

  2. Bravo said

    Love the app… Very helpful.
    Would love a time since counter. Rather than count down to an event, count up from an event.
    Ex: It has been XXX since my last ?whatever.

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